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Teddy Bear

ID# : 100027


male adult

Teddy Bear is a comical bunny. He loves attention, relates to humans very well, and wants to be out and about. He is a very active rabbit and needs plenty of toys, runaround space and stimulation. He is always up to something. He inhales his food very enthusiastically. 

When you pass his housing, he will jump up looking for attention and out time. Teddy would do well in a busy home with lots of attention.

Teddy is now a package deal with his gal pal Giselle. They are a bonded pair and are very much in love. It is so sweet to watch them together.

Teddy Bear was a dump at NYCs shelter and didnt arrive in the best shape but has a very resiliant character. He inhales his food and accepts smooches from his admirers. Teddy is looking for his second shot in life in a forever home.

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