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ID# : 100205


male adult

Meet Mortimer!

Mortimer is a medium sized lop-eared adult rabbit. He has he has gorgeous tan colored fur with a white belly. He is curious, bold and confident, full of attitude and loves to be the center of attention. He is a healthy little boy that loves his food, goes wild for bananas and gets get excited from the smell raisins 10 feet away. 

While he can be easy to handle and will tolerate being picked up and pet, he is best with people he trusts. Mortimer should go to a rabbit experienced home with adults and plenty of space to roam. He thrives with lots of attention and enjoys his many bunny toys. Mortimer is so adorable and a love bug. His love will be easily won over with massages and gentle affection. 

 For more info on adopting him, please email allaboutrabbitsrescue@gmail.com

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