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ID# : 100311


male adult

Bubbles is a 3 and half year old male rabbit. He is neutered and is very healthy. 
Bubbles has beautiful mesmorizing blue eyes.

He lives cage free. He loves to flop on his sleeping mat. His favorite veggies are  kale, Romaine and dandelion.  He loves head rubs and sometimes will return the  love with some kisses. 

Bubbles seeks a new loving home due to his current situation where he cannot get the attention and love he deserves. His bunny mom just had a baby and his bunny dad is extremely allergic to him and the hay. They just cannot give him the proper care at this time.

Bubbles resides in Queens and wants to meet you. To meet this charming man, please contact us at AllAboutRabbitsRescue@gmail.com.

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