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ID# : 100313


female adult

Zelda is a 4 and a half year old spayed and litter trained dwarf mix. Her breed includes some English Spot.

She weights about 3.5 lbs.

She is a cautious but friendly girl, who might be shy at first but with time and patience will come out of her shell, sit by your side for pets and flop dramatically like a soap opera actress. Zelda loves to nibble on wood and can dig back and forth through old blankets for hours. She is not a very active bun, but that makes her the perfect Netflix marathon companion. 

Zelda can be adopted with Link. They have been living in the same home but are not bonded. AARR will assist with the bonding process if you are interested in both.

To Meet sweet Zelda, please email us at AllAboutRabbitsRescue@gmail.com

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