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Duffy is a young Harlequin type breed bunny of about no more than 1-2 years. He was recently neutered and received a good bill of health from the Long Island Bird and Exotics Vet Clinic. Duffy was found hanging out with a wild bunny within a gated community in Suffolk. A group of concerned rescuers went out to rescue Duffy and save him. He prefers healthy foods such as mixed greens over sweet treats like fruits. He eagerly eats his pellets up and chomps on hay throughout the day. When people walk past his pen Duffy comes over to greet them. He is litter box trained and keeps his pen clean and decorated to his taste by moving his hide-box and toys with his teeth. If you pick one of his toys up he'll take it from you and put it down. Duffy is also very curious and likes to investigate his area and humans. He is comfortable around people and likes to be pet. He is easy to handle and we had no problem getting him into his carrier. Contact allaboutrabbitsrescue@gmail.com

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