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Zack & Miri

ID# : 100331


male adult

Zack and Miri are from the hutch rescue we did in Northport, LI. They are the parents of the 7 babies that were born the day we showed up to take them into our care.  They've been altered to make sure that never happens again. These two are bonded, and will be adopted as a pair.

They are both incredibly sweet and curious...Zack especially always want to know what is going on.  He's a bit underfoot, but he likes to follow you.  They love treats and enjoy pets to their backs and sides while they munch.  Both are still a little head shy, but we're working on them getting soft head pets after a treat.  Miri is more shy, but likes to play with sisal toys.  Both are binky bunnies and take long strides to get maximum leap height.  They do well in a large Xpen or more.  

Zack & Miri were accustomed to running loose on the property form which they came, so would not do well if kept confined.

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