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ID# : 100337


female adult

A kind 90 year old man took in this stray rabbit in Deer Park, Long Island. We sent some rabbit savvy people to assess the situation and bring supplies. There was no way this sweet man could take proper care of Rosie, but his concern for her welfare makes him a hero. The world needs more people like that sweet gentleman. 

Rosie is about 4 lbs., active, & loves to jump and explore. She is curious and likes to rearrange her housing. She is described as sweet, affectionate and friendly. She also shows her happiness and contentment with her many binkies and flops. She would make a great family pet where she would get lots of love and attention. Her litter box habits are quite good. She loves her greens and pellets. Rosie will be spayed as part of her adoption. Contact allaboutrabbitsrescue@gmail.com for more info

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