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ID# : 100340


male adult

side but close to medium build. He's a little thick around the waist and so he's on a diet for now. Otherwise he is active and healthy and content. 

Sylvester was an owner surrender and is approximately 2 years young. He has a quiet sedate personality. We suspect that his true personality hasn't shown through just yet and he's not used to having it good. Perhaps he was caged a lot. He has easy to groom short hair and excellent litter box skills. He eats well but takes his time eating in spurts as if he is eating a 5 course meal. 

He is gentle, friendly and accepts pets. Hes just an all around sweet bunny boy. It seems however that he did not get much human attention and affection. All of that can turn around in the right home where he will be spoiled and loved. 

Sylvester is probably good with children or other gentle pets.To meet him, please contact us at AllAboutRabbitsRescue@gmail.com.

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