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ID# : 100360

MINI LOP mixed

female adult

Juliette is the black beauty... coquettish as she flirts with you saying "catch me if you can"...."I like you but I'm shy". She is a sweet and gentle rabbit. 
We guess her age to be about a year old. 

She was found wandering around with 2 other rabbits at the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens. Having been a stray, she was rather distrustful and reticent at first. Through patient care, she has learned to welcome soft quiet kisses and now looks forward to human attention & affection. 

She is a healthy sturdy active young girl who needs space to run around. She has the most beautiful glossy soft fur. Her hobbies include gobbling up her pellets, munching on treat hays (pinches of oat and alfalfa) and leafy greens.

We are inclined to think she'd be an easy rabbit to partner up, since she is interested in her fellow male foster buns. Contact allaboutrabbitsrescue@gmail.com

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