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ID# : 100361

DUTCH mixed

female adult

Rylie was purchased from a pet store last summer (2016?) - for a toddler. The adults in the home said they had no time to care for her now and complained that the rabbit kept biting the cage and lungeing......but they didn’t let her out to run around. She does grunt when putting your hand in her cage, but just pet her on the head and she’s fine. She may grunt and rush you if doing a lot in her cage, but no biting. You just need to be respectful of her space, especially when she is in it. That means inviting her out when attending to her area. Rylie is super curious and felt comfortable at her foster's house right away! Loves to run around and explore. She is learning to use the litter box, and we are sure she will do better now that she is spayed. Easy to pick up, and clip nails, Not afraid of the dog in her foster home at all. Currently in Manhattan. Contact allaboutrabbitsrescue@gmail.com

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