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Surrender prevention

Need to Surrender or Rehome a Rabbit?

We are contacted daily by people who have either found a rabbit or who seek to surrender their rabbit.

We do our best to assist anyone with a rabbit situation, seeking the best solution and providing resources to help. Please include your phone number in your message and we will contact you ASAP! Our emails are checked frequently throughout the day.

Although we do not always have the space, staff or financial resources to take in every unwanted rabbit, we will do our best to help you and the rabbit.

What else can you do?

  • You can network with friends, family, co-workers, members in your social circle (such as your church) to see if anyone would be interested.
  • You can contact other no-kill shelters in your area.
  • You can foster the rabbit until it is re-homed by a rescue.

Things NOT to do:

  • Do NOT release the bunny in the wild. Domestic rabbits have no survival skills. They usually die from starvation, thirst, cars and predators. Frequently, they will die within hours of release.
  • Do NOT post on Craigslist. People looking for a cheap/free meal for their snakes will frequently check out Craigslist. Also people known to abuse and torture animals will look for easy targets as well.
  • Do NOT dump your bunny at our shelter, your neighbor’s front door, pet store, etc. This is illegal in most cities and you will be prosecuted.