Dolly found happiness in the suburbs

Dolly found happiness in the suburbs

Dolly was from our 2013 rescue in Cypress Hills, Brooklyn where she lived with of over 20 of her family members in a vacant lot. It was a huge undertaking to get all of these rabbits spayed/ neutered and find placement. We could not have done it without the generous and gracious help of the Smith family.


In December of that year we received an inquiry from someone looking to speed date their neutered lionhead boy named Leo. Leo and his human came all the way from Jersey to Forest Hills on a snowy morning where he met his BFF, Dolly. They bonded within a month of play dates and are madly in love to this day. She now resides in NJ and goes by the name Ginger.

P.S. Her human caught bunny fever and has become very involved through fostering and volunteering with our organization.


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