Sherrie is on her bunnymoon

Sherrie is on her bunnymoon


We were notified of a black rabbit on the loose in Forest Park in Queens. Our founder arrived on scene and caught Sherrie within minutes. Her nails were extremely long and the fur around her tail was dirty and extremely matted. It was obvious she had been neglected prior to being dumped in the park.


Our vet estimated her to be 4 or 5 years. Miraculously, no health issues and she had already been spayed. Either she was from a shelter, or someone once loved her. She went to foster where she easily made friends with other foster rabbits. We waited for interest, but no one inquired…for weeks, then months.


Along comes a family looking for a friend for their boy named Buttercup. He was set up to meet several of our eligible ladies, but Sherrie was the one for whom he seemed most well-matched. Her new family took things slowly, and now Sherrie (in her black dress) & Buttercup are the best of pals.